All You Wanted to Know about Crossfit in Connecticut

Many fitness clubs offer their clients an insane selection of machines and training programs. And it would seem that in a world of such diversity it is difficult to surprise a person with something. But relatively recently, the world got acquainted with such a phenomenon as CrossFit. It instantly gained popularity among people of all ages. Today it is one of the most popular sports in the world. In this article from Kong Crossfit Shelton gym, we will break down the history and the main things you need to know about this sport.

Exciting History of Crossfit

CrossFit training is a very young sport compared to others. Therefore, many are interested in learning how new sports are born and invented in the modern world. And if we are talking about this discipline, then the story here is really interesting.
Like everything new, people did not immediately accept the new training program. Greg Glossman, a California coach, was fired from two gyms because the owners didn’t like the experiment. However, private practice in a large hall helped develop the system and build up an audience. Less than a year later, Glossman opened his own club, similar to the one that is now “Kong Crossfit” in Shelton.

The most interesting thing is that emergency workers and the military were among the first customers of the gyms. As it turned out, for representatives of these professions, the skills that could be obtained during training were very important. Therefore, Glossman once even received a call from an officer who offered money for the education of his wards. After such events, popularity could not keep itself waiting long!

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Even then, people not only in California turned to the new training system, soon clubs opened throughout the United States. This prompted Glossman to patent his “development” and since 2000, every club that practices this discipline is required to pay royalties to Glossman and his company CrossFit Inc. It is worth noting that at the moment there are more than four thousand gyms with similar training programs around the world, and competitions gather hundreds and thousands of athletes from all over the world.

What Is Modern Crossfit

We at Kong Crossfit believe that this sport is one of the most rewarding for people of all ages. Regardless of your current physical condition, amount of cumulative time, or age, CrossFit training in Shelton can help you get your body in shape in the shortest amount of time. But what is a standard workout?
At its core, this sport is a circuit training concept that consists of several elements that develop different skills: strength, agility, and endurance. You will need to complete one exercise as soon as possible and immediately proceed to another. It sounds hard, but you just have to try it, and you will understand that it is many times more interesting and effective than a standard visit to the gym!

Accordingly, your training in Kong CrossFit Norwalk or Shelton can consist of the most diverse exercises that will help you develop your body in different directions. At the same time, the presence of standard exercises with simulators is minimized.
For athletes, it is in the order of things to combine strong cardio loads with physical exercises. This is what makes the system an effective and fast way to burn extra pounds and quickly gain muscle mass. We at Kong Crossfit are confident that anyone who tries this sport may not be disappointed with the result.

Another important plus is the lack of a competitive element. Since every athlete strives for self-improvement, there is no embarrassment in front of other people in the gym, your main rival is yourself. The same principle is used in competitions, it is almost impossible to apply the standard grading system there, so they are even more interesting to watch.

If you are still in doubt about whether to start doing CrossFit in Norwalk or Shelton, then here’s another plus. An important factor is that the training program can be as personal as possible. Coaches in Shelton are trained to create a schedule and order of exercises for each individual. This makes it very easy to start in this sport and with our trainers in Shelton, you can get advice on any issue!

There is also good news for busy people. If you don’t have much free time, CrossFit in Shelton is for you! After all, with a competent approach, it is possible to reduce the time of a standard workout to just thirty minutes! This is a phenomenal result because regular workouts in the gym can last up to an hour and a half. So if there is a small window in your busy schedule, don’t despair. You will have enough time to spend on your health in our Kong Crossfit gyms in Shelton.

CrossFit Trainings Is a Sport for Everyone

Summing up, we can say that this discipline is a unique training system that is really suitable for any person. You should not be afraid of your age or physical condition! Our Kong Crossfit trainers in Shelton will help you create a personal training program and get yourself in shape in the shortest possible time. Add here a relatively small amount of time and the most intense and interesting process, and you will get exactly the kind of sport that suits you! We are waiting for you!