Learning to run through fire - Joseph


I love obstacle course racing – think Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, etc. I would do it every day if I could (well, maybe not every day – but pretty close to it). I started doing OCR before I found CrossFIt, but since starting CrossFit I have found the results have spoken for themsevles as I will soon be competing in the Spartan Race World Championships in Iceland (an invitation only event).

The training at Kong helps to build a solid base of fitness that helps prepare me for anything thrown my way at an event. The equipment is great and with plenty of space – it allows me to pursue and challenge me however I want. I have found that the coaching has helped me understand how my body works better which in turn allows me to hit obstacle courses without concern. However, a facility is nothing without people to workout with. I find that the athletes that I train with on a daily basis are some of the best workout partners to challenge me and push me to new personal accomplishments. As I am on the side of a mountain, climbing and racing along rugged terrain – I sometimes think to myself that this isn’t so bad – I could be doing Thrusters….

Spartan Medal.jpg

Kong is a great place to be. Communication from the coaches is awesome and the updates about other member’s accomplishments are welcome addition to my morning reading. I'd recommend Kong to anyone looking for a facility that can help them grow as an athlete or just a healthier version of themselves.

Chris Wyant