What is my limit? - Tamar

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Having done CrossFit since 2016, I am used to hearing "I got started doing CrossFit because a friend told me to." That is how my journey started as well. A close friend wanted to do CrossFit to help prepare herself for a police academy fitness exam and needed some support along the way. I will admit that I was perfectly happy training at the Edge for the last few years, however, I started CrossFit at Kong and I immediately felt like I was "home." The facilities are back to basics but that's ok. I find myself regularly working out with athletes that range in age from 15 to 70 and nobody treats me like an old lady (I totally am.) They expect me to accomplish the workout of the day just as fast as the 20-somethings and that gives me the confidence to try every single time. 

Additionally, the secret to the success of Kong is Chris Wyant, the owner, was a high caliber rower and coach for years and that experience has translated well into CrossFit. The workouts are challenging but always fair and a true test of one's ability (despite my constant complaining if we have to do it). When I started at Kong, I remember telling Coach Chris (Wyant) that my first goal was to back squat my bodyweight. At the time, I was barely able to squat half of my weight. After only 3 months however, I went for it under Chris' guidance and was able to squat my bodyweight for 5 reps! I never knew how great it could feel to finally hit a mark like that! Finally meeting my goal just fueled the PR-fire for me – setting 5 additional personal records in the span of months! I have more than doubled from where I started! The harder I push myself and the weights, the more I listen to my beloved coaches and fellow Kong members, and the more I ignore the voice in my head that says to stop, the better I get. This stuff is addicting! I quite simply like to just keep adding weights and seeing how far I can go!”

I've definitely become an insufferable Crossfitter who can't stop talking about Crossfit -thanks to this place. I feel like a superhero when I leave here everyday. Of course I'm going to talk about it!!!!



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