Groupon Customers

Thank you so much for purchasing a 12-Session Package from Groupon to be utilized at Kong CrossFit. We are excited to have you join the Kong family at either our Norwalk or Shelton location. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been participating in WOD's (workout of the day for your first bit of CrossFit lingo) for years - we have programs designed to help get you started. Please take a few minutes to read below and explore our website. Once you are ready to get started, please fill the form out to the right to get started with your first CrossFit session!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us utilizing the contact form to the right as well. 

Experienced CrossFitter

If you have previous CrossFit experience you are welcome to join us for any of our regularly scheduled classes, however, we ask that you show up a few minutes early before  to fill out paperwork and set up your profile within our system. Please fill out the contact form to the right to let us know that you are coming so that we can expect you and get a few things prepared before your arrival.

New to CrossFit

Please note that as of 9/24, we are suspending our On-Ramp program (our way to get started with CrossFit) until the 2nd week of October. During the meantime, we will be redesigning the way to get started with Kong CrossFit. Please do fill out our form to the right so that we may contact you when we unveil our new program to begin your fitness journey. Please note, that if you would like to get started with Private On-Ramp, we will continue to offer that as a means to get started.

To find out why we are rebuilding from the ground up how to get started with Kong, please read below.

Why The Change

Kong CrossFit will be turning 10 years old in October! It is truly amazing looking back and seeing the thousands of people that we have helped to change and shape their approach to fitness. Traditionally, we have introduced the amazing elements of CrossFit to our members through a program called On-Ramp. 6 sessions across 2 weeks at specific times was the way that countless went through our program. However, recently, sitting down and pouring over the data - we realized that it wasn’t working. Between members having issues making it to all of the classes, we as coaches having to track down those who missed a class here and there, etc… and then after 2 weeks members were expected to be versed in the complexities of CrossFit which left many new members scratching their heads about why it was so difficult to learn.

So, we sat down at the drawing board and threw everything out in terms of what we were doing and vowed to create something better. What we have created will truly be different in the local CrossFit community and we are excited to share it with you all. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience with having to wait a few weeks, however, we are excited for the next step in the Kong journey.

If you want to get started with Private On-Ramp

We will continue to offer our Private On-Ramp option in which you can meet privately with a coach at your convenience. During the private On-Ramp - you will meet individually with a coach and learn the foundational movements of CrossFit. After 5 one-on-one sessions, you will then have 7 sessions of group classes to use afterwards. The cost for the private On-Ramp is $175 and $50 per additional person (max of 4). We are unable to apply groupons to our Private On-Ramp membership, however, we do allow you to utilize the groupon for 12 additional sessions after your private On-Ramp sessions are completed.  

If you have any questions, please let us know. When you are ready to get started - please fill out the contact form to the right to let us know how and when you would like to get started. 

Thanks again for purchasing a groupon for us and hope to hear from you soon!


-Chris Wyant


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