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Group Nutrition Consultation - Shelton

The Nutritional Consultation is a 2 Hour Seminar that includes preliminary weigh in, “Before Photos,” and nutritional plan overview for all of those getting started with our 6-Week Challenge. In addition to the overview, Challengers should come prepared for exercise as we will be engaging in a preliminary workout with movement review before challengers start their 6-Week journey.

Please note that the consultation is open to Challengers that are participating in both Norwalk and Shelton.

Weigh In Day Protocol! Please make sure to follow the instructions below on weigh in day!

• Drink 2 glasses of water prior to testing (this should be done everyday). 
• Go to the bathroom and void as much as possible prior to testing. 
• Avoid caffeine prior to testing. 
• Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to taking the test. 
• Do not exercise within 4 hours prior to taking the test. 
• It is important to weigh and measure yourself at the same time of day each time in order to get reliable and consistent results. It is best to take your measurements after waking before eating any food. 
• Ladies, do not test during your menstrual cycle, it will not be accurate. The measurements are affected by where you are in your cycle.  
• Flying (air travel) prior to testing will also throw off your numbers. 
• If you are weighing in on a day/time other than the official weigh in day, please note that the above parameters are important to follow prior to testing.

See you all starting at 1030am for many of you and through the day!

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Group Nutrition Consultation - Shelton
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Group Nutrition Consultation - Norwalk