Getting Started With Kong CrossFit

More than a decade ago we began a mission to signal a different way to approach fitness and to assure the like-minded that they aren't alone. See the light. Answer the call. Take the journey.

(If you are looking to drop in and have prior CrossFit experience, please head over to our “drop in” page to schedule your session)

Before you get started at Kong CrossFit, we ask that all new members schedule an appointment to meet with our head coach. During your initial consultation, you will discuss your goals, what has been keeping you from achieving them, and together- create the best fitness journey for you. No two people are the same so no two people will have the same journey. However, please see below for an idea of what your journey may look like.

+Fitness Only

At Kong CrossFit, we are unique to CrossFit gyms in the area in that we offer two distinctly different programming routes; K45 and K60. Our K45 class is designed to introduce members that are new to the benefits of CrossFit without the complexity found in harder movements. You will still work up a sweat, get stronger, and learn the basics. We have found that three months of consistent attendance (3-4 times per week) is the “sweet spot” for members to build a strong foundation and see noticeable results.

Sign up, commit to at least 3X per week for three months, and watch yourself get stronger, faster, and fitter! If you are experienced with CrossFit, we still ask that you attend a K45 session as your first class in order to asses your movement patterns.

+Fitness and Nutrition

Because you can never out-train a bad diet; For our members looking to get the most out of their training, we compliment the first 6 weeks of their fitness journey with a personalized nutrition plan. Our nutrition plan has helped over 400 of our members lose an average of 17lbs in their first 6 weeks of training (certain medical exemptions apply). Many of our members that have begun their fitness journey with this method have commented "this really taught me how to eat like an adult." Support is provided through a private facebook group, weekly accountability weigh-ins, and access to a host of additional materials such as a dining out guide, travel guide, at home workout guide, and more.

+One on One Training and Accountability

We have many members that wish to get started with a private coach monitoring their progress and ensuring results. Our private training and accountability programs are perfect for those that are unable to make it to the gym on a regular basis and need accountability and motivation in a much more direct manner. These programs may include custom tailored nutrition plans complimented with supplements determined by a DNA test, private training times with one of our expert coaches, weekly skype calls to review progress, and more.