Members of out-of-town CrossFit affiliates are welcome to drop in to any of our normally scheduled group coaching sessions! The joy of CrossFit has always been in the community of amazing individuals, and we never want to lose sight of that. If you would like to stay for multiple weeks, shoot us a message and we’ll get you situated with a temporary membership.


*Please Note: All confirmation emails will list our Norwalk location regardless of location you wish to attend. This is an error with the system that we use to process attendance and we are working to rectify the issue.


Single Day Drop In

Prior experience is required for our K60 Classes (we suggest a minimum of 3 months of CrossFit experience including Olympic Lifting). If you have less than 3-Months of experience, we suggest our K45 classes as the best option for you.

Weekly Drop In

Our 7-Day Drop in option is perfect for those that are travelling and are planning to spend more than 3 training sessions with us. Please make sure to select the proper start date for when you arrive.