A Tailored Approach To Fitness

We've got the perfect program for you no matter your current experience or fitness goals. We’ve raised the bar for functional training with three unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout — K60, K45, and Barbell Club. No matter you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world or you’re just interested in getting a great sweat in while learning to move a barbell more effectively…we've got you.


Drop In Policy
Members of out-of-town CrossFit affiliates are welcome to drop in to any of our normally scheduled group coaching sessions for $25 per visit! The joy of CrossFit has always been in the community of amazing individuals, and we never want to lose sight of that. If you would like to stay for multiple days or weeks, give us a call or email and we’ll get you situated with a temporary membership.

Open Gym Policy
Kong CrossFit is an all-coaching facility. We have a staff of expert coaches and want all of our members and visitors to benefit from them. Accordingly, we offer one, coached Open Gym session – for members only – the last Sunday of the month. Open Gym is not otherwise offered and we encourage all members and guests to join one of our regularly scheduled group coaching sessions.


Our 60 minute class. K60 is high intensity training at it’s finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements - everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it!
*Prior CrossFit Experience or 5 Barbell Club Sessions Required.

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Our 45 minute class. K45 builds your base and gets you strong. Workouts always include strength & skill training followed by an interval workout. Learn, lift, and sweat!
**No Prior Experience Required

6 Week Fitness Challenge

Kong 6 Week Fitness Challenge is how new members get started at Kong CrossFit. The 6 Week Challenge was created to show what’s possible when the right people get the right coaching, meal plan and support. Learn more

Barbell Club

Our Olympic Lifting and Strength Development Club, which offers both beginner and advanced options. New Members must attend 5 Barbell Club sessions before being allowed to attend K60 classes.

Competition Team

A focused approach to competitive training

Gorilla Squad - Kong CrossFit’s competitive programming track is designed by a team of current and former competitors at Kong. Kong pays homage to Kong’s rich history of success in the sport of fitness while paving the way forward for a new breed of competitor. Our goal is simple: provide our athletes the foundation and specific tools they need to succeed in competition, while simultaneously grow a strong community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kong targets athletes interested in competing in local competitions, the Open, and Regionals. We develop well-rounded, competition ready athletes through carefully planned programming, aerobic fine tuning, strength & skill development, and bias work meant to specifically target weaknesses.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition can often be a very personal and confusing topic.

Nutrition can be personal because everyone’s needs, goals, and tolerances are different. Nutrition can also be confusing because for every article you will read supporting one approach, you will find another refuting the same position and taking the opposite point of view. Despite all the noise, there are a few widely agreed upon principles when it comes to the quality and quantity of your intake. It’s on these foundational principles which we built the Kong Philosophy in regard to nutrition.*