42-Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier and fitter version of you. Please take a moment below to fill out our form and book your appointment. Due to overwhelming response, we have added this additional step to help us learn more about you before our meeting. We have also included commonly asked questions and answers to help you be informed before you come in for your meeting.

Commonly asked questions:

Is This Real? Yes. This is a free 6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge. If you want to see some examples or past challengers, feel free to head over to our testimonials page.

When does the challenge start? September 21st at 8am or 1030am is initial weigh in and review, however, if you are unavailable at that time, we can schedule a time to weigh you at a time that is convenient to you.

What time are classes? We offer class times every weekday at 530am, 630am, 930am, 1230pm, 430pm, 530pm, 630pm, and 730pm (no 730pm on Fridays however).

Will I be a part of a group? Yes. We find that when part of a group of support - the results are far better! However, your results will be private.

I have a pre-existing injury, can I do this? We are unable to help those that have experienced a traumatic brain injury that impairs movement or may limit the ability to process information as it is communicated. Otherwise, motions and training can be modified to most other injuries or limitations.

I really want to do this challenge but can not get started now, is there another challenge later? We are offering this 6-week challenge for free in conjunction with moving into our new location. However, if you wish to get started at a later date, please reach out to us directly when you are ready and we can inform you of any programs we may be offering at that time.

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